Are S-5! clamps still available with an M10 fastener?

Yes, some of our S-5! Authorized Distributors still keep limited quantities in stock and they are also available by special order.

There’s a common misconception that a larger diameter bolt/clamp is stronger than the smaller option. But the weak link in the chain is not the bolt. Long before the shear or pull-out strength of an M8 or M10 bolt is reached, the roof panel will fail, or the clamp will disengage from the panel. So, M10 bolts are an unnecessary added cost without added benefit.  We offer engineering analysis that documents the points mentioned here - just ask via, or visit our Resource Center.


An interesting side-note: Because of our unique thread fabrication process, you will break the M8 bolt from over-tightening before you ever begin to strip the threads in our clamp.


                                        M8-1.25 SS Hex Flange Bolt (13 mm Socket)