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Below you will find a selection of S-5! Compliance and Acceptance Certificates:

If you don't see the specific document you are looking for, please contact our support team at support@s-5.com. Click the images below to download. 


Factory Mutual Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet:                    Factory-Mutual-Logo

Reference section B of the attached document for how any external seam clamp designed to fit a specific profile is acceptable for use as a wind reinforcement device.



                    MCS Certification:                                        FM Certificate of Compliance:

MCS Certification Download      FM Certificate of Compliance Download

                   ISO 9001 Certificate:                                         City of LA Acceptance:

ISO 9001 Certificate Download       City of Los Angeles Clamp Approval




                              UL 2703:                                                             KIT:


                 S-5! UL 2703 Certifications Table and Downloadable UL 2703 Certs: