How are S-5! snow guard systems attached?

S-5! snow guards are attached using S-5! clamping and bracket technologies. Our attachments are all mechanical, and squeeze the seam with round-point setscrews.

S-5! attachments are always mechanical for reliability. Clamps squeeze the seam with round-point setscrews and with no panel penetration. Learn more about our clamping technology. 


Features and benefits:

  • No unreliable adhesives
  • No panel penetration
  • Do not violate the panels’ thermal movement
  • Unequaled holding strength
  • No premature corrosion
  • Do not violate roof system warranties
  • Recommended by all leading metal building and metal panel manufacturers

S-5! clamps come with our, round-point setscrews which are guaranteed not to puncture your panels or affect your roof’s warranty. Our brackets utilize sealants to ensure water-tightness. Learn more about our bracket technologies.

The holding strength of any clamp will vary across different roof profiles, material types and gauges. S-5! performs hundreds of independent laboratory pull tests on every roofing type available. Use our web-based calculator and clamp-to seam tools to match our products and systems to your specific job.