How do I know what clamp to use for my roof if I don't know my roof manufacturer and profile?

You can request our Clamp-to-Seam Gauge Tool from your Authorized S-5! Distributor or directly from S-5! The most common seam geometries are included within this fitment tool and it is cost-free. Keep it for future fitment checking.



If unsuccessful using the gauge tool, the fastest and easiest way to find the clamp you need is to visit our CLAMP TO SEAM TOOL on our website which takes you through a pictorial process of determining the proper clamp. 

When you first get to this page it will ask you if you know the manufacturer and specific profile of your roof or if you don't know these things. Once you have selected the latter option, you will be brought to a page of diagrams that easily let you identify the most common panel seams found in the market today and the corresponding clamps that should fit that seam profile. 


In rare cases, the seam may not be found on our clamp-to-seam tool. If that is the case, take some seam identification photos and we can assist you in finding the correct clamp.

  1. Take the photo from the eave edge of the roof where the gutter would be located.
  2. Include a tape measure indicating the height of the seam in the photo
  3. Try to take the photo directly in line with an individual seam to provide the profile
  4. Measure the seam spacing and include this with the description

Send photos to us using the online support form here.

Seam profile example photos: