How do I know which snow guard system to choose?

S-5! X-Gard 2.0 Snow Guard SystemIf there is a design objective to color-match pre-painted steel or aluminum roof material, then ColorGard® is the obvious choice. ColorGard can also be used without the color strip for mill finish steel and aluminum roofs. For projects involving, traditional folded standing seam or batten seam copper, brass SnoRail™ or SnoFence™ is a perfect solution. SnoRail or SnoFence also come in mill-finished aluminum for steel and aluminum roofing. 


High snow load design and wide seam spacing, we suggest X-Gard™ 1.0 and X-Gard™ 2.0. When architectural specifications call for a 1″ pipe system, choose DualGard™. 


When there is no guiding specification toward a certain product it can be confusing trying to figure out what system is best for your roof and area. The best way to help determine what system is best for your roof is to visit our Snow Guard Calculator. You can enter your critical roof details (rafter length, slope and design snow load) and it will allow you to toggle between our ColorGard, DualGard, X-Gard 1.0, & X-Gard 2.0 systems. With this feature, you can compare row requirements and breakdowns for each system helping you decide what is best for your roof.

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