Is there a way to use ColorGard® on other roof types?

Yes. With S-5! VersaBracket™ and CorruBracket™ ColorGard can be used on other roof types, including face-fastened metal panels and even non-metallic roofs. CorruBracket is the right choice for corrugated roof profiles.

If you have face-fastened, trapezoidal ribbed panels, or a non-metallic roof, our VersaBracket is for you! It requires no messy, field-applied sealants and leaves no risk for leaks. That’s because the VersaBracket comes with factory-applied sealant already in the base to waterproof its attachment. Simply peel the release paper from the base. CorruBracket is specifically designed for corrugated roofing.

The ColorGard crossmember easily fastens to VersaBracket with self drilling-screws, or for ease of installation, use VersaClip with a nut/bolt connection to the VersaBracket. Choose a pre-painted metal color strip, or use ColorGard without a color strip. Either way, ColorGard will offer durability for decades to come. Learn more about ColorGard here.