What are the differences between standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roofing?

Metal roofing comes in various types and profiles. S-5! has solutions for each. To match the best S-5! solution to your roof, the roof type AND profile has to be identified. Click here to learn more.

Exposed-Fastened (EF) - Trapezoidal

Exposed Fastened - Corrugated

Concealed-Fastened and Standing Seam (SSMR)

These types of roofs have visible fasteners that are driven through the panels into the roof deck or structure. Exposed-fastened roofs are characterized by a series of trapezoidal-shaped ribs along their length. The ribs are typically 6 to 12” apart. Click to view our line of brackets for these profiles.

This panel has a repeating wavy pattern (corrugations) across its width. Panels are connected by overlapping the sheets and securing them in place with exposed fasteners. Sometimes, trapezoidal rib metal roofing is incorrectly referred to as corrugated. Click to view our line of brackets for these profiles.

This roof profile has flat panels intersected with evenly spaced raised seams at either edge that define their side-by-side joining. The fastenings to deck or structure are concealed below and within the side joints (seams or ribs) of these panels. “Standing seams” are typically 12-24” on center. Click to view our line of clamps for these profiles.