What are the R / PBR panel mounting options for Solar & Snow?

Snow guards should ALWAYS be mounted through these panel types and into structure due to the heavy in-service loads they experience. Solar modules can be fastened with PVKit and numerous S-5 brackets to sheet ribs only. Rail-mounted modules in some cases can be mounted using either method with S-5 brackets. A key factor is the gauge and dimensioning of the rib profile. Lighter gauge sheet thicknesses and smaller rib height dimensions will not support significant point loads at sheet-only attachment points.
  1. Solar- VersaGard, SolarFoot, VersaBracket combined with Rail or PVKIT depending on the supporting structure. RibBracket III combined with the PVKIT is the best solution on PBR, ProteaBracket
  2. Snow Retention- VersaGard and ColorGard with VersaBracket