What is the correct tightening torque for S-5! setscrews?

The setscrews, which make a small dimple in the panel seam, optimizing holding strength, are normally tensioned to 115 inch-pounds for test purposes. This is because the tools normal to the trade are rated at this tightening torque. But there are some exceptions to this rule. On some profiles and gauges in steel, screw tension of 115 inch-pounds will not adequately dimple the panel seam. For this reason, some tests are run with higher screw tensions on profiles with increased gauge or thickness.


The appropriate setscrew tension is always published on installation instructions for every clamp. When the tested torque is 115 in. lbs. the recommended installation torque instructs a window between 130 to 150 in. lbs. to be sure the tested torque is reached. When test torque is higher, the corresponding window is also higher.