What profiles will S-5! clamps not fit?

S-5! clamps will not fit on face-fastened trapezoidal rib or corrugated type panels. While our clamps won't work on thru-fastened roofs, we do have bracket products for them. Explore our entire line of brackets.


S-5! products will not fit to hollow “batten” seam type panels (see images in red below) - but can be used for the traditional (wood-backed) batten seam folded joints, as shown below in green.

S-5! can be used for traditional (wood-backed) batten seam folded joints but not hollow batten seam panels

Any time there is a folded seam we can usually attach a clamp to it. A great way to know if we have a product for your roof is to determine what the roof is with our "Clamp-to-Seam tool".