What profiles will the S-5-T fit?

The “T” clamp is specially designed for seam profiles that resemble the letter “T” in their cross-section and have a seam configuration with a horizontal dimension ≤ 1.3” (33 mm). Those include:
  • Centria/RollCom) SRS-3, SRS-2, SDP-250,
  • IMETCO Series 300
  • Inland Building standing seams
  • Garland ArmerSpan
  • McElroy Metal 138T & 238T
  • GreenSpan RidgeLine
  • Metal Sales T-Armor
  • And other similar profiles

This clamp can also be used on architectural “single-fold” or “angle- seam” profiles with a horizontal projection of 5/8” (15 mm) or less.

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